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About the Villa

This luxury beach front estate is on one acre of landscaped tropical gardens just 30 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.  It’s been featured in Fodor’s Guide and Vallarta Style Magazine.  The estate is perfectly situated between three famous surf breaks within paddling distance.  View Amenities and Services

Ideal Experience

If you’re looking to truly relax and recharge your batteries, or spend some time with your family, you should optimize your experience.

A modern kitchen with all the amenities including a dishwasher and 6-burner stove.

View from the upstairs Palapa, one of many locations to view the ocean.

A view from the pool area looking up toward the living area.

The large living room is a great place to sit, read or just relax.

Halfway to the private beach is a Casita that overlooks the majestic bay of Banderas (seen above).

Getting here is the easy part.

Just ask us to pick  you up at the airport, no hassles or challenges.  Come straight to the Villa and decompress from the travels with a Margarita, fresh made salsa and a variety of snacks like Vero’s ultra-fresh Guacamole and chips, or tacos.  The hard part is choosing where in the Villa to recline with so many options.

7:00am – Headline here

If  you’re an early person, rise up and listen to the waves as you get yourself a cup of coffee or some fresh fruit from the kitchen.  The mornings are beautiful and peaceful.  You can hear the ocean from every room.

Walk down to the lookout Casita and admire the view as the sun comes up.  You may also want to go further down to the beach and take a swim, surf or a nice walk, you’re directions are limited only by the tides.

If  you’re not an early person, forget about it and just sleep in and wait for breakfast to be served.

9:00am – Breakfast is ready

Just relax and quietly enjoy your meal to the sound of you munching intermixed with the waves.  Veronica can prepare the most amazing breakfasts to start you off which can be  healthy, hearty, or both.  Fresh local fruit, Juevos, Toast, or Chile Quilles, or let her decide and she’ll prepare a local favorite.  It truly is “all-good”.

10:00am – Explore the Pool Area

This should be probably the toughest part – trying to decide how best to relax.  There may be too many locations around the Villa to choose from, but don’t over think it.  It can take a little while to de-compress and unwind from your busy daily life, so quiet moments or immersive relaxation can help take you away from thoughts back home.  Water is a great relaxer.  In the late mornings it may be nice to sun by the pool (or in the pool) catching up on pleasure reading.  There are also a few lookout spots to recline at the cliff’s edge and gaze at the largest ocean on the planet – the Pacific Ocean.

12:00pm – Lunch Time

Lunch is a great time to just be.  Lunch can be as elaborate as you like or comprised of simple snacks and refreshments. We can prepare a meal plan to suit your needs throughout your stay if you like.  The best part of staying at Casa Canta Rana is actually being at the Villa.  Please feel free to plan any away trips you require to town, a beach , fishing, or shopping in Puerto Vallarta, but maximize your time as best you can for the Villa.

There are numerous day trips you can plan around the area:

  • Snorkeling or Diving the Islands by Panga Boat.  At the Villa there are numerous contacts for these activities located in a three ring binder.  Most tours can be take from closer to Puerto Vallarta, or further north in the town of Punta De Mita.
  • Sports Fishing – you may arrange a fishing trip if you like.  What you catch can be fileted and served up back at the house.
  • Surfing – there are numerous breaks along the coast in addition to the three in front of the house (Burros, Pools and Veneros).  Others include La Lancha (off of the Four Seasons accessed via boat), Sayulita a surf town north by about 30-45 minutes), and El Faro at the point to the Bay of Banderas accessed to by boat.
  • Golfing – There are numerous locations to golf in the area, ask us and we can share these with you.
  • Shopping – Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place to shop and even haggle.  Make sure to visit the Old Town Markets along the river.

3:00pm – Wander nearby

Check the tides, if the tide is low or going low, grab some water and explore the coastline. heading north takes you along secluded coastline, south will take you to a beach resort where you can grab a snack or refreshment.  There is always a tidebook at the property.

5:30pm – Shower and ready for dinner…

After a long day relaxing day in the Sun or venturing out, take a relaxing shower and cool off the warmth.  The Villa has a water filter system specifically for you, so yes, you can drink the water if you like.  The cold refreshing bottled water tastes much better though.

If you want to watch a game or catchup on some news, the Villa has a satellite system.  Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a remote to operate it.

7:00pm – Dinner time

Make yourself a cool drink and relax as others unwind from their day refreshing.  There are many wonderful dining options around the area.  We have some favorites, so please inquire with us.  Or, there is a modern kitchen at the property, for extra we can arrange someone to cook you dinner at an additional charge, or, you may also use the kitchen to prepare your own meals.

9:00pm – Settle In

You can do anything you like, listening to the ocean, walking on the beach, or talking with family and friends – something that can get lost in the hustle of your daily life.  Get a great nights rest, the day resets wonderfully here in Punta De Mita.

Shared Experiences

  • We will miss you! The beautiful sunsets with spectacular colors! The countless shooting stars at night, as we strategically sat ourselves under the blanket of stars each evening. The awesome breakfasts, lunch and dinners prepared by a professional, friendly staff. My most memorable birthday was spent yesterday, watching USC beat Notre Dame (Again!) with a sunset providing for a “pre game” show! We will miss you Canta Rana, but we will return!!

    — R.C. San Marino CA

  • What a great way to start a new year! This place is the best! We went fishing and caught lots of fish and on the way back to the harbor we were entertained by a whale! Lots of great food and sunshine when we were tired of the rain and snow. Thanks again, we will be back!

    — A.M., Vail CO

  • Thank you, Thank you for opening your beautiful home. Very relaxing, just what we needed. Very lazy, hard to tear oneself from the view. Staff were great, best food was at the villa. We shall return!

    — W.G., Winnetka IL

  • CASA CANTA RANA IS PARADISE, A PEACEFUL RESPITE FROM BUSY DAYS AT HOME. We enjoyed ourselves beyond words. The setting is perfect and the luxurious in every way. The food was wonderful and we loved every meal. We are already planning our next vacation here! Thanks for creating such a lovely vacation home.

    — L.R., Dallas TX

  • What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday! The beauty of the home and the beauty of the view are incomparable. Each day we would see something we had not noticed before. What attention to detail! Then there is the beauty of Vero and Jose. They are gentile caring people who assisted us in every possible way. Food is the BEST and every time we left and came back we wondered why we ever left. This is our second visit and we very much hope to return.

    — J.C. Cincinnati OH

  • Casa Canta Rana was such a special treat for us! The home is beautiful, the view is breathtaking, but the staff make the casa! Their food is better than any restaurant in town and their pleasant and always pleasing attitude made our trip!

    — B.C., Dallas TX

  • We celebrated my 60th birthday with our family‐ this was beyond paradise! We loved the house and the staff made every day and every meal so special. They are the most wonderful people. We never wanted to leave! We will be back!

    — H.M. White Plains NY

  • Thank you for allowing us to stay at your absolutely gorgeous villa! The view of the ocean was breathtaking, and the layout of Casa Canta Rana itself was very clever (we saw a couple other villas in the neighborhood & they just don’t compare!) We all had a most amazing & relaxing experience, thank you for an unforgettable vacation!

    — C.H., San Francisco CA

  • The most spectacular home with the best staff that only made the sunsets and walks on the beach that much more special. We have fallen in love and never want to go home. Thank you for the best 10 days!

    — J.F. Los Angeles CA

  • What a beautiful vacation, the gorgeous views, luscious landscape and exquisitely designed home made for the perfect holiday. The staff were wonderful and could not have been more accommodating. Their attention to every detail was most appreciated!

    — D.S., Pacific Palisades CA

  • Casa Canta Rana was perfect for our honeymoon! The staff are the best, we will miss them!!! We can’t wait to bring our in‐laws here!

    — M.H. Chicago IL

  • Simply awesome! Spectacular vistas and appointments‐the highlight our visit here! Thanks for sharing!

    — President of Nationwide Financial Network (A Four Seasons Resort Event at Casa Canta Rana)

  • Casa Canta Rana was truly paradise… the perfect place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Everything from the view, to the pool, to the cool gentile breezes flowing throughout the open house was perfection. In addition, Veronicas cooking was truly a joy to wake up to every morning and eat throughout the day. We will remember this vacation fondly for years to come.

    — Y.D., New York NY

  • Thank you.  We now have wonderful memories to last our lifetimes.  The house is spectacular throughout (gives you pause when you drive up) and the staff are just phenomenal.  The food was perfect and the service was timed just right, as if Vera was faintly listening to my whims – “gee, would be nice to have some chips and Guac right now,” and Whaa-Laa.  Having the simple pleasure of checking out in such a beautiful place with meals and snacks prepared made the experience in my top-five lists of all time trips.  To top all that off, as if you could, I was fortunate to get some incredible surf right in front of the house all to myself.

    — G.K., San Francisco, CA

  • We had a great time, the oohs & aahs upon arrival when seeing the view from the house overlooking the pool to the ocean where whales swam by in the far distance, to the margaritas poolside, to the cocktails at sunset. Having a massage in the little cabana that is mid cliff overlooking the ocean, to fishing and catching Amber Jack and Mahi Mahi, cooking in the gorgeous kitchen with friends, enjoying the flora and fauna, the paper trees and hibiscus, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and the house Iguana in the palm tree.

    — S&J, Westlake Village, CA

  • We had an unbelievable time! It was Susie’s last vacation before giving birth to our baby boy in July and we couldn’t have spent it in a better place. It was pure paradise!

    — G.Y. San Francisco CA

  • We totally enjoyed your magnificent Villa, You have managed to capture via décor and general ambiance something in all our travels we have not ever experienced. Your staff is outstanding‐ we will definitely return soon. Thank you for this very special moment in our lives.

    — M.B., McHenry IL

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